Technetix is a market leading technology company enhancing broadband cable network performance worldwide.
About us

Technetix is a market leading technology company enhancing broadband cable network performance worldwide. 

Our award-winning and respected broadband cable, wireless and fiber infrastructure technologies allow our customers to optimize their existing core assets. Technetix is a technology leader with new innovative developments in cable technology including Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) and Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDx) technologies, which are pushing the boundaries in the application of Distributed Access Architecture (DAA).

Technetix is also emerging as a prominent player in fiber to the home technology (FTTx) with our compact, ruggedized remote optical line terminal (rOLT) for deep access deployment and FTTP. Ideal for low- density scenarios such as small towns and villages, business parks and universities. Technetix also has an award-winning virtual fiber innovation, or virtual segmentation integrating fixed network assets with mobile to exploit existing fixed assets to enhance back-haul/mid-haul data of mobile networks. Our intellectual property is safeguarded by 135 patents.

Headquartered in the UK with an extensive network in Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific, we sell 114 million products annually to over 70 countries. Since inception in 1990, we have built collaborative and strategic partnerships with leading blue-chip broadband cable operators where we are valued for our technological expertise and total service commitment, making us the go to partner of choice.

Broadband technology

The key focus of the group is on broadband technology which consists of solutions designed for the access network and connectivity markets. Most of these products have been designed and developed by Technetix’ Research & Development team, for which the business owns the intellectual property rights. There are a select number of additional core products where Technetix, through its applied expertise, has added value over a number of years through a rigorous process of sourcing, qualifying and testing products to customer specifications.

Supply chain services

The group supplies its own- and third-party products under supply chain service agreements with its key customers under a ‘one stop shop’ concept, allowing Technetix to supply solutions to customers at all points in the delivery of broadband services.

We work with

Our operations

Map of global offices and logistics
1Albourne, UK
2Dublin, Ireland
3Paris, France
4Zaragoza, Spain
5Lisbon, Portugal
6Brussels, Belgium
7Veenendaal, Netherlands
8Frankfurt, Germany
9Wroclaw, Poland
10Hannover, Germany
11Budapest, Hungary
12Bucarest, Romania
13Pristina, Kosovo
14Copenhagen, Denmark
15Kiev, Ukraine
16Denver, Colorado
17Raleigh, North Carolina
18Mexico City, Mexico
19Hong Kong, China
20Taipei, Taiwan

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